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The Company 'Prop Trading' activities are located at our offices at London Southend Airport but the physical trading activities lead us to every corner of the globe,

Like all international trading houses 'Mayfair and Bond' started out in one specific region which at the time was Latin America. As these commodities were being traded into the Asia Pacific region, through corporate evolution a new client portfolio was created. Sellers in Latin America and Buyers in Asia Pacific was the general business model of the company. The demand for multiple product bases from the Asia Pacific region forced the company to secure alternative suppliers to assist in the growth of the business model. This is when the EMEA markets came into the equation and to this date a robust trading platform has been created between the three geographical regions.


The American market has for many years been a self sufficient entity with large oil reserves spread across both Northern and Southern Regions. Gasoline has been the product of choice for vehicles until recent years whereas more efficient alternatives have been gradually introduced into the market.


South America as a whole has been a fast growing economy over the last decade and a multitude of commodities from oil, to sugar, to base metals have placed them in the position of being a serious component within the global industrial revolution.


Our supply capabilities are predominantly offered on a 'Free on Board' basis from the Gulf Coast and include offering Gasoline, ULSD, Marine Fuel, Aviation Fuel and WTI Crude Oil.



The European market is dominated by Companies such as Gazprom, Rosneft and BP that supply a complete portfolio of products to the entire planet. This in addition to a wide range of Trade Houses such as Vitol, Glencore and Trafigura means that the European market is probably the most competitve of them all.

The UK's Brent Crude Oil is the Global Benchmark for all Crude Oils and along with the American WTI they are traded very heavily on the International Derivatives Exchanges.

The Middle Eastern markets are a strong source of supply for our Company. With National Oil Companies such as ADNOC and ENOC generating huge supply capabilities there is an immense opportunity for exportation to international jurisdictions that have large demands.


The geographical location of these Refineries and Loading Ports ensure ease of delivery to our clients in both the European and Asia Pacific markets. This is a key aspect in enabling us to provide competitive pricing within the Global Market.

We offer our products on either a 'Free on Board' supply from Loading Ports such the Ruwais Refinery Terminal and the Port of Fujairah or on a 'Carriage Insurance Freight' basis.

asia pacific.....

The industrial revolution within the Asia Pacific Region that we have seen over the last decade has shown the World what a large capacity for fossil fuels this part of the Globe now has. China has been the largest consumer of commodities and their hunger for products such as Fuel Oil appears to never diminish.


India has also been a key player in this vast consuming market and we are now seeing entities such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia following suit.


We supply to the Aisa Pacific markets on a Carriage Insurance Freight basis from the Middle Eastern Region although some products are sourced from the US Gulf Coast and are shipped via the Panama Canal.

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