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corporate structure.....

Our Company was founded in January 2012 and is a privately owned business. 

​Originally the Company was incorporated as a UK LLP but was later changed over to a UK LTD to accommodate future growth within the business. Since its inception, the Company has held many satellite divisions around the World to facilitate banking and transactional protocols but the Company was restructured again to allow the segregation of the Physical and the Derivatives Trading Divisions and to bring all activities back within the UK domain.

​This change has been implemented due to both current and new relationships with International NOCs and Foreign Government Bodies. This new strategy for the Company requires the support of the UK Department of Trade and Industry and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office who have both agreed to provide their support into the foreseeable future.

This restructuring and move of activity also ensures that Compliance Driven Objectives with regard to International Regulatory Policies, Anti Money Laundering Policies and Bribery and corruption Policies are being adhered to on both an international and local basis..

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