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'Mayfair and Bond' based in the UK, like many other companies throughout the globe, has seen a downturn in all market activity since 2020 and the financial markets have taken a major pounding, as did the stock exchanges and property markets. Large mortgage houses and financial institutions have been on the brink of collapse and everyday businesses were making cutbacks on staff .....continue

intro from CEO.....
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corporate structure.....

Our Company was founded in January 2012 and is a privately owned business.  Originally the Company was incorporated as a UK LLP but was later changed over to a UK LTD to accommodate future growth within the business. Since inception the Company has held many satellite divisions around the World to facilitate banking and transactional protocols but in 2019 the Company was restructured again to allow the segregation of the Physical and the Derivatives .....continue

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'Mayfair and Bond' is the culmination of decades of experience in Business, Marketing, and Financial Services such as Securities, Derivatives and Physical Commodity Trading. We believe that the future of trading is in the investment of people, for it is these people that will lead us into a new market era. With the ever-increasing rate at which technology is evolving, without the correct team in place it is simply impossible for a Company such as ours to thrive in such.....continue

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our people....
the mission.....

Mayfair and Bond's 'Mission Statement' is one built upon a simple understanding and concept. To oversee, manage and facilitate growth within the incorporated entities that it has equity interest in.  .....continue

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