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'Mayfair and Bond' is the culmination of decades of experience in Business, Marketing, and Financial Services such as Equity Investments and Commodity Trading. 


We believe that the future of trading is in the investment of people, for it is these people that will lead us into a new market era. With the ever increasing rate at which technology is evolving, without the correct team in place it is simply impossible for a Company such as ours to thrive in such a competitive marketplace.

It is our policy to recruit and train our team to the very best of their abilities, ensuring that they are able to provide the very best service to our Clients and Suppliers alike. Ongoing training is a key focus in such a fast moving and everchanging World, as is continuos awareness of the political and environmental changes that are going on around us.

By confronting challenges head on we are able to grow and improve, and through this mindset we feel that we have created a perfect balance within the workplace to further both our personal careers and to ensure the future success of the Company.  It is not a case of will we excel, but a case of how far will we go.

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